SoRAD:s research is carried out over a wide field of social science with special emphasis on a number of research areas:
Consumption, harms and norms
Within this research area, alcohol, drug, tobacco and gambling habits in the Swedish population are studied with a focus on changes over time and the various consequences of use and abuse. The research concerns such as the relationship between alcohol consumption and problems, the total consumption model’s validity and methodological studies of how to measure consumption and harm. A central aim is to integrate more epidemiological studies with research that highlights norms and attitudes to alcohol and drugs, and their importance in different people’s lives.
Politics and society in the field of use and misuse
Within this area of research, the fundaments of alcohol and drug policy as well as societal reactions to tobacco use and gambling problems, their actual design and implementation, and the effects and consequences that can be associated with them, are studied. The research includes both discursive and empirical studies of specific policy interventions. Several studies are also included in international research projects or have an international comparative perspective.
Substance abuse and dependence – societal reactions, treatment, recovery processes
This area of research covers: a) analyzes of societal definitions of and responses to various kinds of abuse and dependence and how these changes over time; b) social ecological studies of the help system and its various components, organizational changes within the substance abuse and dependence treatment services, and; c) studies of recovery from substance abuse and dependence as well as individual and contextual conditions for this.


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