SoRAD is a multidisciplinary center for national and international collaboration with the task of stimulating networking and knowledge dissemination between different research disciplines. The centre regularly accepts guest researchers. Exchanges occur with many different actors in the form of networks, conferences, seminars and projects, among other Sonad, SoRADs own network.
SoRAD also cooperates with other actors in different forms. The centre does not conduct teaching but cooperates with other institutions within the social and human sciences at Stockholm University.
SoRADs co-workers teach at social science institutions and SoRADs PhD-students are connected to respective institution. Questions regarding alcohol and drugs have, during a long time, been important, not only for researchers but politicians, civil servants, experts in different fields and not the least for the general public. This means that work with the so called "third task" is a central task. SoRADs co-workers are often engaged in the process of disseminating their research to various interested groups.



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