About us

About us

The Centre for Social Research on Alcohol and Drugs (SoRAD) is an interdisciplinary research centre at Stockholm University. SoRAD was established in 1999 and is located at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The centre conducts research within the field of social alcohol- and drug research. No education is arranged by the centre.
Besides basic funding from the faculty SoRAD holds grants from the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research. Primarily the Centre of excellence program "Exclusion and inclusion in the late welfare state: the case of alcohol and drugs" as well as the projekt "Women, health and substance use".


Visiting address:
Sveavägen 160, Sveaplan

Postal address:
Stockholms universitet
SE - 106 91 Stockholm

Telephone: +46(0)8 16 20 00
Fax: +46(0)8 674 76 86